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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's Back! NHL Season Saved with New CBA

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It's Back! NHL Season Saved with New CBA

The lockout is over! The lockout is over! After 113 days and well over 500 games cancelled the NHL and NHLPA have finally come to an agreement on a new CBA that will allow for hockey to be played in 2013. That's right puck fans, Hockey is back!

Forgive our enthusiasm. We are among the shrinking number of hockey die-hards who live for nothing else but a night full of hard hitting action. The highlights of the agreement are as follows:
  • 2013-14 Salary Cap set at $64.3 million with $44 million floor (minimum) -- Owners proposed $60
  • Subsequent seasons will be prorated portion of the previously agreed-upon $70.2-million limit. 
  • Teams will be permitted to buy out two players' contracts before the 2013-14 season without that money being counted against their salary cap.
  • 50-50 split of hockey-related revenue
  • Seven year contract limit for new contracts
  • Limit of eight years on contract extensions
  • Maximum 50% salary variance over the course of a contract
  • Mandatory acceptance of arbitration awards under US$3.5 million
  • No realignment
  • Amnesty period to buy out contracts that do not fit under the salary cap
Clearly some middle ground was met on most issues. Still, you have to wonder why this couldn't have been resolved a few months ago that would have saved most of or the full season. Regardless, hockey is back! Enjoy!


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