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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hoopshysteria: Something in the Water in Memphis?

Wild on Sports

Hoopshysteria Weekly Column
Something in the Water in Memphis?
By Wild on Sports Basketball Analyst Talyon Perry
  February 1, 2013

Another week goes by and trades are flying as we get closer to the trade deadline. There must be something going on in Memphis because they have made two trades in the last week and a half. First they sent Marreese Speights, Wayne Ellington, Josh Shelby and a first round pick to Cleveland for Jon Leuer, slicing $6 million off the Grizzlies Salary Cap. A deal like that should allow them to keep their other star players right? 

Wrong. The Grizzlies made more headlines Wednesday, completing a three team trade with Toronto and Detroit that will ship Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi to Toranto. Toronto will send Ed Davis to Memphis and Jose Calderon to Detroit, while Detroit will complete the trade by shipping Austin Daye and Tayshaun Prince to Memphis. This is a great trade for the Toronto Raptors because they get one of the best under-rated small forwards in the game, while also giving Kyle Lowry the minutes he deserves. As for Memphis, they really should have thought this trade through. They lose a great small forward in exchange for a good, young big man, but Memphis will have to split minutes with starters Gasol and Randolph for him to have any production. Detroit comes out of this deal with a great point guard that will get the their low post players a lot of good looks.

Shifting gears to the action on the court; another big surprise this week has been the unselfishness of Kobe Bryant. Yes, I know he averages 5.3 assists per game but it is still a sweet surprise. Bryant has 10+ assists in three of his last four games (coming up one short against Phoenix). Speaking of the Lakers, Steve Nash made his first return to Phoenix but lost 86-92.

Up in Boston, I will use the cliche "when it rains, it pours." The Celtics are still sub .500 and Rajon Rondo's torn ACL isnt going to help. Maybe Ray Lewis can give Rondo some deer antler spray to help him recover faster. The Celtics are 2-0 without Rondo so far, but when they start losing remember: at least you aren't the Bobcats.

Great action coming your way this weekend starting with Rudy Gay's first game as a Raptor against the LA Clippers. With CP3 out, watch the matchup between two young guards: Kyle Lowry and Eric Bledsoe. Saturday will treat us to a 3pt contest between the Milwaukee Bucks and the New York Knicks. Whoever has the highest 3pt percentage will win this game. New York have been almost unstoppable from behind the line getting lots of production out of Anthony and Smith. Sunday's action will unfortunately disappoint many fans as the best matchup is the Clippers against the limping Celtics, but a good low post battle between Griffin and Garnett could be in store. I'm sure we can all overlook one bad day of basketball especially when its Superbowl Sunday.


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