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Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 14 College Football Cash-in


Conference championships are on the line this week as we are down to just the best teams in each division. For some this week can be a tough one as lines are typically fairly small with most teams having realistic shots at winning the game outright. Lets take a look at a few games and see if we can make the decisions easier for you.  LAST WEEK: 3-1

UCLA +9 at Stanford
This a rare game in that these two teams played each other last week with Stanford coming out on top 35-17 at UCLA. This game will be played at Stanford. Based on those two tidbits conventional wisdom would point to this being an easy play on Stanford. Sadly, I don't think that will be the case. This game has trap written all over it. It is very difficult to beat a good team two weeks in a weeks in a row by double digits, particularly a team with the fire power of UCLA. Interestingly, I think you could tease this game either way and be in good shape. For our money, if you can get it at +9 or more that should be a steal as this will be a close one.
Pick: UCLA +9

Alabama -7 vs. Georgia
Alabama is considered by many, including those at Wild on Sports, to be the best team in the country. The loss to Texas A&M was merely a blip on the radar and a little wake-up call to Nick Saban's team. They have second life and a chance to play for the National Championship with a win. Expect them not to let it slip away again. Georgia will need a standout performance on defense to keep this game close. Expect Alabama to win with ease.
Pick: Alabama -7

Cincinnati at UConn Under 41
The UConn defense has been impressive this season while their offense has been the complete opposite. Expect them to keep Cincinnati's offense in check. Its a good day to be a kicker for one of these teams.
Pick: UNDER 41

Oaklahoma at TCU Under 60
TCU is a much better defensive team than they are given credit for and have gone under in 3 of their last 4 games. Oklahoma is coming off two nailbitter victories against high flying oponents. 60 is a lot of points. I expect both teams in the 20's.
Pick: UNDER 60

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 13 NFL Cash-In


Week 13 NFL Cash-In

Its that time of week again! Time to take a look at the games we like this weekend...

Atlanta Falcons -3,  over 55 vs. New Orleans Saints
Good chance to start the week out right here with two picks. Both teams can put points on the board -- we saw what they could do a couple weeks ago in the Saints 31-27 victory. The Falcons are ready to repay the the Saints for their only loss of the season.  Expect a shootout and expect a lot of Julio Jones and Roddy White. PICK: FALCONS & OVER

Jacksonville Jaguars +6 over Buffalo Bills
The Jags look like a different team with Chad Henne at the helm. They are going against a Bills defense ripe for the picking. Don't be surprised if they win the game outright. PICK: JAGUARS

Chicago Bears -4 over Seattle Seahawks
A Matt Forte injury seems to have scared this line down a bit. The Seahawks did not look good in Miami last week.  If this game was in Seattle it might be a different story but you can feel comfortable in a Bears victory by at least a touchdown. PICK: CHICAGO

Minnesota Vikings over 46 vs. Green Bay Packers
Both teams can score. Greg Jennings will play for the first time in 7 weeks. Expect a high scoring affair for Rodgers, Peterson and co. TAKE OVER

Week 13 NFL Fanduel Picks of the Week

Week 13 NFL Fanduel Picks of the Week:

Tom Brady  $9,800 vs. Miami Dolphins
Brady averaged 410 yards per game and accumulated 7 TDs in 2 games against Miami last year. For those keeping score at home that's 37.6 fantasy PPG. Sometimes it just makes sense to pony up for the can't miss big play guy and take advantage of bargains at different positions.

Eli Manning  $7,500  vs. Washington Redskins

Coming off a great bounce back week last week, Manning and company face the Redskins defense that has given up the 7th most PPG to fantasy quarterback in the last five weeks. Great value pick here as the Giants begin to crank it back up heading towards the playoffs

Trent Richardson  $8,200  vs. Oakland Raiders
33 touches last week and playing a Raiders team that has given up an average of 131 yards per game against running backs. The Browns have a chance for a rare game where they aren't playing from behind making a heavy run-first offensive attack a strong probability.
Rashard Jennings  $5,200  vs. Buffalo Bills

Jones-Drew and Parmele are both out making Jennings really the only options at RB for the Jags. Buffalo is ranked 31st in the league in pass defense making it an attractive match-up. This is likely Jennings last real chance to shine as he has stumbled when handed the reins in other games this season. I would expect a motivate and productive game from Jennings this week.

Roddy White/Julio Jones  vs.  New Orleans Saints
Anyone going up against the New Orleans defense on a given week is a pretty good play, particularly when you have Matt Ryan throwing you the ball.  Jones has the hot hand after a monster week 12 performance. White has been struggling to find the end-zone lately but it is just a matter of when not if he returns to elite fantasy form. Expect big things from both this week.
Pierre Garcon  $5,300  vs. New York Giants
Garcon is finally healthy, as shown on Thanksgiving against Dallas. He is going up against a Giants secondary ranked 27th in passing yards against.  Good match-up, surprisingly low price. Good guy to play this week.

Owen Daniels  $6,200  vs. Tennessee Titans
Had six catches for 72 yards and touchdown against the Titans earlier this year.  A little pricey this week, but a good bet to produce.
Jermaine Gresham  $5,700  vs.  San Diego Chargers
Greshman has emerged as a go to guy for Andy Dalton in the red-zone with touchdowns in consecutive weeks.  The Bengals should be able to move the ball again against the Chargers. At $5,700 is a pretty good value for a guy who has been as reliable in recent weeks as the big name options.

Jay Feeley  $5,000  vs. Arizona Cardnials
The Cardinals are going to scores points this week, everyone does against the Jets. It will be interesting to see if they are able to find the end-zone. Not a ton of options that jump off the page at you for $5,000 options at kicker this week. "When in doubt go with the team playing the Jets." - I see no reason for it not to continue.

Houston Texas  $5,100  vs. Tennessee Titans
Good match-up for the Texans this week. Watt and company should be able to get to the quarterback leading to plenty of opportunities for sacks and turnovers. Tennessee isn't exactly an offensive juggernaut. Cheap, safe play this week.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heisman Thoughts: Why The Two Man Race Isn't A Race at All


Heisman Thoughts: Why The Two Man Race Isn't A Race at All

With the college football season winding down, pundits and fans alike are casting their projections for the top individual prize in the college game, the Heisman Trophy. This season has offered its fair share of candidates, ranging from Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein to outside shots such as USC's Marquis Lee and Oregon's Kenjon Barner. As the season boiled down, two men separated themselves from the pack: The instant legend, Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel, and the leader of the Notre Dame defense, Manti T'eo. Speculation is that one of these two will walk away from New York City as the new owner of the Heisman. However, I'm calling the race right now.

Manziel is without question the Heisman Trophy winner. Everyone talks about their “Heisman Moment”, that time in the season when a player leaps in to the national spotlight. Mainzel has his: the victory over then #1 Alabama. Can the same be said about T'eo? His 8 tackle, two interception game agains Michigan comes to mind, but other then some high tackle performances, his numbers are above average at best: 52 solo tackles, 7 picks, and 8.5 sacks. Compare that to Georgia Linebacker Jarvis Jones, who has 44 solo tackles, 1 interception and 10.5 sacks. Jones, considered one of the top linebackers in football (and playing agains a much more difficult SEC schedule) is nowhere in the Heisman conversation.

With that being said, take a look at Manziel's resume and compare it with, say, last year's trophy winner, Robert Griffin III.

Manziel's stats include 3,419 passing yards (another 1,181 rushing), and a combined total of 43 touchdowns (24 passing, 19 rushing). He did this while only tossing 8 interceptions.

RG3's numbers in his Heisman campaign? 4,293 passing yards, 699 rushing yards, and a combined 47 touchdowns, to go along with 6 interceptions. So yes, RG3's passing totals were better and he had a few more touchdowns in the Big 12, Manziel's rushing totals and overall more difficult schedule makes his numbers more impressive.

In reality, Heisman voters have an easy choice. The fact that T'eo plays for #1 Notre Dame may give him his biggest advantage versus Johnny Football, who is still in his college infancy. But when all is said and done, Mainzel will be the first Freshman to win the Heisman Trophy.

Stirring the Baseball HOF Pot

Wild on Sports
Stirring the Baseball HOF Pot

OK Baseball Writers Association of America, it's time to do the right thing. Step back from your ballots, take a deep breath and put your own egos and ideologies aside; it's time to vote for the players who made the biggest impact on the game of baseball -- those who dominated the competition -- in their own era.

We are not comparing apples of the 60's to oranges of today. Players today are different people playing a different game with modified versions of the rules that players of yester-year played in creating "America's pastime." There are those "old school" types that will argue that baseball is baseball and Ted Williams this, Babe Ruth that and Hank Aaron another thing. The fact of the matter is people evolve. It is a fact, not opinion that people in the 2000's are bigger, faster and stronger than those who played in the golden days of baseball. Fitness expectations are different, technology is different and yes *gasp* medicine is different. Its evolution that is changing the game.

Yes, there are people that have taken or used "illegal substance" to enhance themselves, whether it be performance based, healing based or looks based. I'm not disputing that. It happened. I'm not naive enough to think that performance enhancing drugs did not impact the numbers and statistics that players in the 80's, 90's and 2000's -- it did.

Now let me ask you this: have to ever taken medicine to make an ache or pain feel better? Have you ever had a surgery or to recover from an injury had an injection to reduce pain (nova-cane anyone?). Guys, have you ever taken a little blue pill to put a little extra smile on your wife or girlfriend's face? Guess what; people from the 40's, 50's 60's and so forth may never have. Does that make your a worse person for using aid that was made available to you - an enhancement for your body to recover and become strong again?

That's what I thought.

People of today are different. Players of today are different. Technology is different. Medicine is different. You can argue till the sun comes home about morals, ethics and the integrity of the game. Fact of the matter is; it's unfair to compare players and their actions today to those players and their actions from centuries ago. Who is to say that those players wouldn't have done everything they could to enhance their performance if it was made available to them.

So, Baseball Writers -- while you may think it is your right to protest your own beliefs with your ballot -- and yes, there will not be anyone there to stop you -- keep in mind what the Hall of Fame is there for: a celebration of the history of the game. It's a museum more than a club. It's history.

The all time homer run league in the history of the game belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Guys with 350 wins and 4,500 strikeouts belong in the Hall of Fame.

The players to dominated the sport in their era belong in the Hall of Fame.

Do the right thing Baseball Writers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fanduel Week 12 Review: Our Picks


As we do every week, its time to take a look back at how we did with our predictions. Week 12 was the rare week in that there were 3 games on Thursday allowing for competitions both during the week and on the weekend. Lets take a look at how we did...

Week 12 - Thursday
QB - Matt Schaub  $7,800          15.5
There were much better plays in week 12 than Schaub. Coming off a career day week 11, Schaub appeared to have the hot hand. Houston did most of its damage on the ground with the likes of Foster (see below) and Justin Forsett (controversial 81-yard TD).
RB - Arian Foster  $8,900           26.2

Another solid day for Foster with 102 yards on the ground with two touchdowns and 5 receptions for 15 yards. One of the most reliable players each week. Sometimes it just makes sense to pony up for great match-ups.
WR - Julian Edelman  $5,000     11.7

Got in the end-zone (along with everyone else on the Patriots) for the second week in a row. Pretty good bargain play for those in Thursday only leagues.
TE - Jason Witten   $5,600          11.9

9 receptions for 74 yards - could have been a much better day for Witten who had several costly drops for owners. Thanks to a pass-exclusive second half after Dallas dug themselves a big hole, Witten was able to salvage some value for owners.
K - Shayne Graham   $5,200      11.0

Two missed field goals could have made for a better day. Overall, not a terrible play.
DEF - New England   $5,600      25.0

Play of the week! The Patriots defense made Mark Sanchez and the Jets look foolish with five turnovers and a pair of defensive touchdowns. "When in doubt, take the team playing the Jets," pays off again.

Week 12 - Sunday
Match-up -
Andrew Luck $8,400           14.6

240 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception. Not the big day from Luck that we were hoping for. A kick return touchdown and a run focus Bills team cost him a few series and thus several points.
Bargain - Colin Kaepernick   $5,500      20.94

258 total yards and a pair of touchdowns (1 run, 1 pass). Great bargain play at just five and half. Those who went Kaepernick were sure to be happy with their selection.
Match-up - Chris Johnson  $8,000          11.9

109 total yards but no touchdowns. Didn't take advantage of the great match-up that he had. A bit of a disapointment for what he cost.
Bargain - Marcel Reece  $6,400             12.3

74 yards rushing, 4 receptions for 29 yards. No trips to the end-zone this week leads to a ho-hum performance for those who went cheap with Reece. With McFadden expected back for week 13 this was likely his last chance for a productive week.
Match-up - Roddy White  $7,300             8.2

5 receptions for 57 yards. Ouch! Julio Jones lit up the Tampa Bay secondary and was Matt Ryan's go to guy throughout. That makes 5 games in a row without a TD for White. He is a good candidate for a bounce back week against New Orleans in week 13.
Bargain - Cecil Shorts  $6,000                 18.5

105 yards and a touchdown. Another great day for Shorts. He and Blackmon both seem to have developed a good relationship with new QB Chad Henne. Worth keeping an eye on for future weeks.
Match-Up - Jermaine Gresham  $5,500    12.1

4 receptions for 41 yards and a touchdown. Another week with a TD for Gresham who has become a good red zone target for Andy Dalton. Pretty good week 12 play.
Bargain - Dallas Clark   $5,200

David Akers  $5,000                                  7.0
Nothing special here as San Francisco did most of its damage with touchdowns.

Denver  $5,400                                          8.0
Not the monster day we were expecting. In fact, Kansas City led for a good portion of the first half. There were far better plays out there this week.

Like most weeks, hit big on a few, missed on a couple. Hope our advise was able to make you some money week 12. Stay tuned for our week 13 plays of the week! 


Eagles Wave White Flag


The Philadelphia Eagles made two major moves today placing wide receiver DeSean Jackson on season ending injured reserve and cutting star defensive linemen Jason Babin. Both moves signal a major youth movement as the Eagles will take a look at younger, unproven players.

Jackson suffered broken ribs during the first quarter of Monday night's loss to the Carolina Panthers. Jackson leads the Eagles in both receptions (45) and yards (700).

Babin, coming off a season where he he had both a career best and team best 18 sacks in 2011, has just 5.5 in 12 games this season.  This move, more so than the others, is the real surprise as Babin is widely considered one of the better pass rushers in the game. He certainly will not be without a job for long as many playoff contenders will look to boost their pass rush.

"We appreciate everything that Jason has given this team over the last couple of years. We wish him all the best as he continues his career," coach Andy Reid said in a statement. "By releasing him today, this gives us an opportunity to give more playing time to some of the younger guys in the defensive line rotation."

Philadelphia is now without the services of arguably the top 4 players on its roster to start the season (QB Michael Vick (concussion), RB LeSean McCoy (concussion), Jackson (ribs) and Babin (cut). Sitting at 3-8 one has to wonder what shoes will fall next (watch out Andy Reid!).

Week 13 Fantasy Wavier Wire Wonders


Week 13 Fantasy Football Wavier Wire Wonders

Fantasy playoffs are just around the corner! Now more than ever it is important to dominate the waiver wire to shore up your line-up for that championship run!

QB Colin Kaepernick - SF
*UPDATE 11/28 - Kaepernick named week 13 starter*
* What a strange situation in San Fan. The QB who led the team to the NFC Championship game last season and is in the top 5 in QBR this season very well may be the odd man out for the 49ers. In two weeks at the helm in SF, Kaepernick has found the end-zone five times (3 passing, 2 rushing) while turning the ball over just once. On top of that, he has beaten two playoff caliber teams in Chicago and New Orleans. With his ability to score both in the air and on the ground Kaepernick is a must play, assuming of course that he is named the starter.

RB Bryce Brown - PHI
LeSean McCoy owners listen carefully - this guy is a must have! Brown made his first career start Monday night for the injured McCoy and ran wild to the tune of 189 yards and 2 touchdowns. Brown, a 7th round pick from Kansas St. was and will remain the lone bright spot in the Eagles line-up until McCoy returns.

RB Knowshon Moreno - DEN
Many were surprised on Sunday when it was Moreno, not Ronnie Hillman, starting at running-back in place of the injured Willis McGahee. Moreno carried the ball 20 times and was on the field the most snaps of any back on the team. With McGahee's status still uncertain and when healthy a severe case of fumble-itus late in games, Moreno is a good player to have for those needing running-back depth.

WR Ty Hilton - IND
Hilton found the endzone twice on Sunday -- once through the air, once on a kick return. That gives him five touchdowns in the last four week for those of you keeping track at home. He is quickly becoming a great secondary option for Andrew Luck behind the often double teamed Reggie Wayne. With Wayne locked in one one side and Hilton splitting reps with Donnie Avery on the other side, Hilton may not yet be a must play, but in deeper leagues or leagues that give points for return yards he is a guy to keep an eye on.

TE Dallas Clark - TB
After a slow start, Clark is starting to become a key component to the Tamba Bay passing attack. After catching the game winner in OT in week eleven, Clark came back with another strong showing with 65 yards on Sunday. While he didn't find the endzone, Clark is emerging as the go to guy in the red zone (not named Doug Martin). Worth a look for those of you unhappy with your TE production.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Notre Dame Seals BCS Fate, Await SEC Champ


With Saturday's victory over USC, Notre Dame accomplished something they never before had in program history; a trip to the BSC title game. Now all they awaits is an opponent. Alabama and Georgia will square off in the SEC title game for what in all likely hood will be a play-in game for the National Championship. Here is a look at how the latest BCS poll shapes up...

BCS rankings
As of 11/25/12
1. Notre Dame (12-0; 1), .9979
2. Alabama (11-1; 2), .9236
3. Georgia (11-1; 3), .8911
4. Florida (11-1; 4), .8882
5. Oregon (11-1; 5), .8626
6. Kansas State (10-1; 7), .7735
7. LSU (10-2; 7), .7357
8. Stanford (10-2; 8), .7299
9. Texas A&M (10-2; 9), .6861
10. South Carolina (10-2; 12), .6689
11. Oklahoma (9-2; 13), .6129
12. Nebraska (10-2; 14), .5393
13. Florida State (10-2; 10), .4645
14. Clemson (10-2; 11), .4570
15. Oregon State (9-2; 15), .3790
16. UCLA (9-3; 17), .3304
17. Kent State (11-1; 23) .2512
18. Texas (8-3; 16), .2492
19. Michigan (8-4; 19), .2094
20. Boise State (10-2; 22) .2030
21. Northern Illinois (11-1; NR) .1936
22. Northwestern (9-3; .NR) .1865
23. Oklahoma State (7-4, 21) .1646
24. Utah State (10-2; NR) .1171
25. San Jose State (10-2; NR) .0974

New King of YouTube

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/9bZkp7q19f0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Unrelated to sports, except in that is played at every professional sporting event going today, the viral hit Gangnam Style by rapper PSY has taken over as the top view music video on media giant Youtube. The dance coined by PSY in this video seems to be the comical hit amongst sports stars and college students across the country. If you haven't seen it yet, you have probably been living under a rock for the past six month, but in the off chance it is worth a view at least once...

Ray Lock-up Longoria


The Tampa Bay Rays made an uncharacteristic move on Monday opening up the pocketbooks to the tune of $100million over the next six seasons for all star third basemen Evan Longoria. The small market Ray aren't know for spending big bucks, letting players seeking big money and big years walk (most recent examples include BJ Upton and Carlos Pena). Given the other moves made by teams in the AL East this off season and the bottomless pockets on the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, just waiting to scoff up big name free agents, for the Rays this was a move that needed to take place.

 “We drafted Evan in 2006 with the belief that he and the organization would grow with each other and together accomplish great things,” said Rays Principal Owner Stuart Sternberg.  “That is why the Rays and Evan signed a long-term contract in 2008, and it is why we are extending our commitments today.  Evan has clearly become a cornerstone player and a fixture in our organization.  We are proud of what we have accomplished these past seven years, and I expect the best is yet to come.”

It will be interesting to see what this deal means for other home grown players in line for big time pay raises. Tampa is believed to be shopping the likes of James Shields, Jeremy Hellickson and Wade Davis. Longoria, like several of the home grown members of the pitching staff, is a franchise type player worthy of the of long term contract he received.

“Evan has all of the attributes we seek in a player,” said Rays Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman.  “His determination and work ethic inspire others around him.  He is devoted to his craft and strives to improve himself every year, and he defines success in terms of team performance and achievement.  It’s exciting to know that Evan will be manning third base for the Rays for many years to come.”

Weekend in Review: College Football Cash-In


It was a full slate of games this weekend spanning both Friday and Saturday thanks to the holiday weekend.  For those of you following our Week 13 College Football Cash-in you know the four games we were hot on. Going a perfect two for two on Friday set a good tone for the weekend on the college side. Cincinnati covered easily and the Washington/Washington St. over was all but locked in by half time. Saturday was a split as Clemson laid an egg against a good South Carolina team, followed by an impressive showing by Notre Dame punching their ticket to the National Championship game.

For those keeping score at home that's a 3-1 weekend. Be sure to check back later in the week for the conference championship cash-in!

Ed Hochuli Gets a Little too Detailed

In the week that will be remembered as the "Weekend of the Buttocks" we saw Jets QB Mark Sanchez run headfirst into the backside of his own lineman and now Ed Hochuli being, well Ed Hochuli. The man is certainly detailed in his explanations. Best know for his chiseled physique, Hochuli has a reputation for explaining exactly what he is calling on the play. For the causal NFL fan, while humorous at times, Hochuli's explanations are great for the league. It seems that the trend amongst NFL Officials since the lock-out has been to be a little more detailed in their explanations. Some like it, some feel it lengthens and takes away from the game.

What do you think?

A Little Entertainment Courtsey of Mark Sanchez

More Bad News for J-E-T-S

Things have gone from bad to worse for the New York Jets. Get blown out by your rival on National TV on Thanksgiving, have the "Sanchez Butt Fumble" be the laughing stock of the weekend and featured on every major media outlet, now the cherry on top:  Fireman Ed quits! The man famous for leading the crowd in the team's battle cry "J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS" posted a column in the NY Metro saying he would no longer be attending games as "Fireman Ed." Citing increasing confrontations at games, mostly due to the Mark Sanchez jersey he has worn to all home games this season; the Fireman has deemed it no longer worth all the trouble it has become.

This is a huge blow to the fan base, much more so than the team. Fireman Ed is a legend and gets the crowd into the game -- something the team has struggled to do all season.  From the Jets perspective however this may be the perfect timing to distract from the real problem:  the product on the field.

Jets coach Rex Ryan for one is sad to see the NY icon leave: "I was disappointed. I love that guy's passion. I really admire him. If we do our job on field, that chant will continue"

Whether or not the chant continues remains to be seen. One thing is for sure -- this is a rough week - make that season - to be a Jets fan.

For your viewing pleasure...

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/vEI03oOE6is" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 12 NFL Cash In

Sorry for the late post this week.  Get on these games!

Atlanta -1.5 over Tampa Bay  - Jones is playing for Atlanta. Too much offensive firepower for Tampa to stop. Pick:  ATLANTA

Miami +3 over Seattle - Big bounce back week for Reggie Bush & Miami. Pick: MIAMI

Chicago o/u 39 Minnesota - Cutler is player, Harvin is out but AP is poised to break a couple. Pick: OVER

Green Bay o/u 51 New York - This one is going to be a shootout. Expect 30+ on both sides. Pick: OVER

Week 12 Fantasy Football Start 'em Sit 'em

 A list of players who are questionable for week 12 either by injury or competition:

Colin Kaepernick
Marcel Reece
Julio Jone
Plaxico Burress
Jake Cutler
Dwayne Bowe

Michael Vick
Ben Rothlessburger
Maurice Jones-Drew
Antonio Brown
LaSean McCoy
Darren McFadden
Alex Smith
Greg Jennings
Danny Amendola
Percy Harvin
Colby Fleener
Andrew Hawkins

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