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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yankees Sign Kevin Youkilis


Wait, what? That sound you hear is Boston Red Sox fans across the country vomiting to the news that Kevin Youkilis has signed a 1 year $12million deal with the New York Yankees.

The man most famous for his YOUUUUUUKKKKK chats that lit up every stadium he played in while with the Red Sox will likely be hearing a slightly altered version of that when he returns to Fenway Park in enemy pin-stripes in 2013.

As disgusting as this is for Red Sox fans, you really can't place the blame solely on Youkilis for this one. He got run out of town in ugly fashion with run-ins and public criticism from then coach Bobby Valentine. He lost his starting job following an injury to rookie Will Middlebrooks. He lost his friend and guy who always backed his veterans in Terry Francona. It all adds up.

Was he looking for revenge? Perhaps. More likely this was a case of a desperate team way over paying for the last solid 3B left in the free agent market. I can't imagine he had offers for much more than half that from other teams. There were rumors swirling that the Cleveland Indians had made a two year offer, but that was never confirmed or finalized and certainly wouldn't have been for nearly the same money.

With Alex Rodriguez out until at least June with hip surgery Youk will slip in nicely on the left side of the infield. When he returns his role remains to be seen. Perhaps a DH/1B platoon with Mark Teixeria at 1B.

Regardless of how much Red Sox fan hate this, the Yankees were without question the best immediate fit for Youkilis from both a career and financial standpoint. It will be interesting to see how he gels with his new teammates.


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