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Monday, December 3, 2012

QB Controversy All Over the NFL


With week 13 almost complete the story lines across the NFL seem to be stemming from QB controversy. Fans in San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Arizona, Kansas City, Tennessee and Jacksonville. Lets take a look at the players in debate as see who should start week 14.

San Francisco 49ers
Week 14 Starter:  Colin Kaepernick *12/3*
Week 13 Starter: Colin Kaepernick
Back-up: Alex Smith
In one of the most talked about controversies coming into the week Kaepernick got the call after great starts in week 11 & 12 for the injured Smith. Kaepernick showed his first signs of rookie struggles and got some untimely drops from receivers late in the game as the 49ers lost in overtime to St. Louis. Smith has fully recovered from the concussion that kept him out in weeks 11 & 12. He was outspoken in his displeasure for losing his job due to injury instead of performance, and understandably so. The week 14 starter decision will be a tricky one for coach Jim Harbaugh.
Case for Kaepernick:  Brings a mobility to the position that Smith does not allowing for an expanded playbook. The potential is sky high and has shown a confidence and ability to beat playoff caliber opponents.
Case for Smith: Terrific track record for Smith under Harbaugh as TD totals have sky rocketed and INT totals have dropped considerably. Was the unquestioned starter before a concussion cost him two weeks. Has proven he can win in the playoffs, leading the 49ers to with-in a muffed kickoff of a Super Bowl appearance.

New York Jets
Week 14 Starter: Mark Sanchez *12/5*
Week 13 Starter: Mark Sanchez
Back-ups: Tim Tebow, Greg McElroy
After throwing 3 interceptions in 2.5 quarters Sanchez was yanked for rookie McElroy. With Tim Tebow out due to injury and Sanchez struggling to make anything happen offensively, coach Rex Ryan gave the chanting fans what they wanted on Sunday. The stadium was electric when McElroy entered the game giving the Jets a huge emotional boost on each side of ball. McElroy led an inspired TD drive capped off by his first career TD pass to TE Cumberland. Ryan has quite a mess on his hands heading into next week's game in Jacksonville.
Case for Sanchez: Of the 3 INT's thrown Sunday only 1 can the blame really be put on Sanchez's shoulders as two were a case of the receiver miss-playing the ball. Without any help on the offensive side of the ball many feel you might as well stick with the player who Ryan deems to be the best at his position and has been from training camp on.
Case for McElroy: Led an electric and inspired come-back win in game 13. While he did not dazzle offensively, he made smart decisions with the ball and showed good mobility on a 3rd down scramble to keep a late drive alive. Has to be considered the 'hot-hand'.
Case for Tebow: If healthy, heading home to Jacksonville may led to there being more Tebow fans in the stands than Jacksonville fans. While not terribly effective as a traditional QB, Tebow has the intangibles to win football games.

Week 14 Starter: Nick Foles *12/3*
Week 13 Starter: Nick Foles
Back-up: Michael Vick
With Vick out with a concussion the Eagles looked to Foles in week 13 against the Cowboys. Given his youth and inexperience played a pretty good overall game nearly leading the team to an underdog victory.
Case for Foles: Named started on Monday by coach Andy Reid. Young and unproven. Will only get better with more playing time. With the Eagles out of it, it is time to see what the kid can do.
Case for Vick: The high priced veteran was considered going into the season to be one of the most explosive and spectacular players in the game. If healthy, adds dynamics to the team that few others can.

Arizona Cardinals:
Week 14 Starter: John Skelton *12/5*
Week 13 Starter: Ryan Lindley
Back-ups: John Skelton, Kevin Kolb
With Kolb injured and Skelton struggling the Cardinals turned to the rookie Lindley for week 13's game. To say it wasn't pretty would be an understatement. Lindley consistently threw balls to areas that were unoccupied by any player, let alone one of his wide-receivers. Very ugly performance. Tough situation in Arizona. Two bad QB's and a 3rd that is hurt.
Case for Lindley: With playoff hopes all but gone the thought seems to be see what the kid can do. He will have to show a lot more going forward to warrant future starts.
Case for Skelton: None. Has had opportunities and blown them. *WOW*
Case for Kolb: Best QB on the roster at this point but remains injured.

Week 14 Starter: Chad Henne
Week 13 Starter: Chad Henne
Back-up: Blaine Gabbert
Henne has looked impressive in two games after spelling Gabbert in relief. That all changed against the Bill as the offense looked out of sync and struggled against a bad Buffalo team.
Case for Henne: Two very good games before this week's stinker. Seems to have developed a good relationship with WR's Shorts and Balckmon.
Case for Gabbert: A first round pick and seen as the QB of the future going into the season. Struggled recently, but with the season over it may be time to see what the kid can do after sitting on the sidelines for a couple weeks.

Kansas City
Week 14 Starter: Brady Quinn
Week 13 Starter: Brady Quinn
Back-ups: Matt Cassel
Quinn led the team to an emotional victory following the death of a teammate to suicide. With Cassel both banged up and ineffective it appears to be Quinn's job to loss at least for one more week.
Case for Quinn: Coming off solid week 13
Case for Cassle: None

Week 14 Starter: Jake Locker
Week 13 Starter: Jake Locker
Back-up: Matt Hasselbeck
Locker threw for 309 yards but also 3 INT's in a loss to the Houston Texans. With the season all but over at 4-8 Locker may not be the best QB for the job but is the best option given the investment the Titans have made in him.
Case for Locker: Young and former 1st round pick. Need to see what he can do with more playing time.
Case for Hasselbeck: Better statistically at this point than Locker but at this point considered the veteran influence and hopeful mentor to the young Locker.


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