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Monday, December 3, 2012

A-Rod or A-_________? - Alex Rodriguez Out Until June


The Yankees announced on Monday that third baseman Alex Rodriguez will undergo hip surgery with an expected return sometime in June.

Here we are in December with the Yankees season nearly two month past its completion and A-Rod has decided that now is the time for surgery? Out till June? Hmm, lets see here...get a surgery done when the season ends and be ready two months sooner, say April when the season begins or put it off until December, and maybe even January and miss part of the season leaving your team to start the Eduardo Nunez's or Eric Chavez's of the world in your place. What a great teammate.  Looks like $28million well spent for 2013.

Curt Schilling had an interesting take on ESPN this morning questioning whether this injury is in conjunction with his decline and now growing injury history as a result of performance enhancing drugs. If that is in fact the case one would have to wonder if the Yankees will explore the possibility of getting out of some or all of the 5 years and $114million still owed to A-Rod on his existing contract.

The Yankees will now look to free agency for 3B help. With surgeries in consecutive seasons on each hip. it is likely that even when healthy A-Rod may be nothing more than a DH at this point.

So Yankees fans, Red Sox fans, baseball fans -- what do we call A-Rod now?


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