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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fanduel NFL Week 17: A look Back

A look back at the week that was: Fanduel NFL Week 17
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QB - Tony Romo  $8,400  vs. Washington              15.72
Oh Romo...another Cowboys season, another Romo choke. You can't help but feel bad for the guy. We had faith in him this week thinking "it can't happen again, right?" -- wrong. He did throw a pair of touchdowns but 3 INT's including one in the closing minutes deep in his own zone spelled doom for those who went his way.
QB - Chad Henne  $6,400  vs. Tennessee               18.22
Early in the game this looked like a great pick as he hooked up with WR's Blackmon and Shipley for a touchdown apiece. In the second half the Titan defense took over (no that is not a typo), intercepting Henne twice and returning each for touchdowns. Still not a terrible play as he out performed the likes of Cam Newton, Romo, RGIII and others.

RB - Adrian Peterson  $9,300  vs. Green Bay          32.6
The man is fantasy gold. Running motivated to get his team into the playoffs and a possible shot at Eric Dickerson's record he certainly was the fantasy golden boy again this week. 199yards on the ground and 2 TD's gets him into the 30's for owners this week.
RB - Knowshon Moreno  $6,600  vs. Kansas City   11.9
A first quarter touchdown salvaged the day for an otherwise ho-hum performance. The Broncos rode Peyton Manning's arm to the #1 seed making Moreno a bit of an after thought.

WR - Dez Bryant  $7,600  vs. Washington                 9.1
A 4th quarter injury really hurt both the Cowboy's comeback hopes and the hopes of Bryant owners this week. Had 4 receptions for 71 yards early. Disappointing week for Bryant.
WR - Randy Moss  $4,900  vs. Arizona                      3.8
We went out on a bit of a limb on this pick and missed badly. Moss had just two catches for 28 yards. Moving on...

TE - Jason Witten  $6,000  vs. Washington              15.1
Solid game for Witten. He is just about the only Cowboy that can claim that. 7 catches for 57 yards and a TD is all owners could ask for and its just what they got. Another productive game and another productive season for Witten.
TE - Jermichael Finley  $5,200  vs. Minnesota         11.2
Finley was a touchdown away from having a terrific day. Still, with 8 catches for 72 yards Finley was one of the better TE options this week. Solid play for the money.

K - Nate Kaeding  $5,000  vs. New England                0
Kaeding fell victum to a terrible offensive performance from the Dolphins and a little misfortune from the weather. His only FG attempt was into a 30mph cross-wind. He aimed 20 yards right and missed 20 yards left. The Patriots had passed on two field goals from that same position earlier in the game. Tough play here.

D - Denver Broncos  $5,600  vs.  Kansas City           11
4 Sacks and just 6 points allowed is a decent performance. The Chiefs didn't throw or even possess the ball enough to rack up the big points this week, but a solid play nonetheless.


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