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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stirring the Baseball HOF Pot

Wild on Sports
Stirring the Baseball HOF Pot

OK Baseball Writers Association of America, it's time to do the right thing. Step back from your ballots, take a deep breath and put your own egos and ideologies aside; it's time to vote for the players who made the biggest impact on the game of baseball -- those who dominated the competition -- in their own era.

We are not comparing apples of the 60's to oranges of today. Players today are different people playing a different game with modified versions of the rules that players of yester-year played in creating "America's pastime." There are those "old school" types that will argue that baseball is baseball and Ted Williams this, Babe Ruth that and Hank Aaron another thing. The fact of the matter is people evolve. It is a fact, not opinion that people in the 2000's are bigger, faster and stronger than those who played in the golden days of baseball. Fitness expectations are different, technology is different and yes *gasp* medicine is different. Its evolution that is changing the game.

Yes, there are people that have taken or used "illegal substance" to enhance themselves, whether it be performance based, healing based or looks based. I'm not disputing that. It happened. I'm not naive enough to think that performance enhancing drugs did not impact the numbers and statistics that players in the 80's, 90's and 2000's -- it did.

Now let me ask you this: have to ever taken medicine to make an ache or pain feel better? Have you ever had a surgery or to recover from an injury had an injection to reduce pain (nova-cane anyone?). Guys, have you ever taken a little blue pill to put a little extra smile on your wife or girlfriend's face? Guess what; people from the 40's, 50's 60's and so forth may never have. Does that make your a worse person for using aid that was made available to you - an enhancement for your body to recover and become strong again?

That's what I thought.

People of today are different. Players of today are different. Technology is different. Medicine is different. You can argue till the sun comes home about morals, ethics and the integrity of the game. Fact of the matter is; it's unfair to compare players and their actions today to those players and their actions from centuries ago. Who is to say that those players wouldn't have done everything they could to enhance their performance if it was made available to them.

So, Baseball Writers -- while you may think it is your right to protest your own beliefs with your ballot -- and yes, there will not be anyone there to stop you -- keep in mind what the Hall of Fame is there for: a celebration of the history of the game. It's a museum more than a club. It's history.

The all time homer run league in the history of the game belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Guys with 350 wins and 4,500 strikeouts belong in the Hall of Fame.

The players to dominated the sport in their era belong in the Hall of Fame.

Do the right thing Baseball Writers.


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